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Okay, so seeing Iron Man One has to be one of my all time favorite movie going experiences. The kind of thing that someone remembers fondly outside of the quality of the movie. Skyblue_reverie was in town that day, and we drove up to Austin, and saw it at the Alamo City Draft House, after waiting for two hour in a bar across the street. She tried to teach me to play gin, I sort of followed the game, and then we went in and got to see an episode of the cheesy, terribly animated, horribly racist Iron Man cartoon from the 60s. Good times. And, of course, the movie was awesome, and made me fall in love with RDJ forever.

There was pretty much no way that tonight was going to match that level of perfection.

But it tried. Lord, it did try. And it was so shiny.

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So, I've decided to make an effort to do a bit more posting, both at my own journal, and on the journals of my friends. I'm in a place lately where I'm not really sure how I'm doing, but I am sure that it's not especially good. And, of course, when I get that way, the first thing I do is withdraw from everyone. So I'm making myself go the way of catharsis through posting instead. It just feels healthier.

How is everyone else doing?

Anyway, I hate to just post without showing off something fanish, so I've got a couple of drawings.

Iron Man and Basil found under the cut...but not in the same pic. That would be weird. )
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First off, here’s a little picture of Tony and Steve in the morning – man, I LOVE drawing bedhead!

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Got some more art for everyone! This time, it’s two Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one Supernatural, one Iron Man/Captain America, and a drawing I did of my nephew a few years back. What makes this post different, however, is that there’s actually some GOOD art under the cut. Not 100% good, but better than sketches I usually post. I’m actually proud of these.


Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I don't make money off them. Just having some fun.

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Got another bunch of drawings here – once again, nothing especially good, but I decided to post them anyway – two Tony/Steve drawings, two Kiss Kiss Bang Bang drawings, and a Supernatural drawing. Hope you like!

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Got some sketches here – nothing fancy, just a few drawings from Iron Man (movie and comic verse) plus a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang sketch. Enjoy!

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Okay, Tony/Rhodey is my true Iron Man slash love, but I saw a great pic of Captain America, and I just couldn't resist. Even though I know almost nothing about Steve Rogers.

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Art time! I promised Iron Man art, so damn it, I'm gonna deliver. Nothing slashy this time, just a practice sketch and a more detailed pencil drawing that took way longer than it should have.

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Hi y’all,

So, I’m going to give this LJ thing another try. Mostly because I have some time now, but also because I want to tell you about Skyblue’s visit. I MISS HER SO MUCH! We had a great time, and I was thrilled to have her here. And hey, she was willing to come to Texas in the (almost) summer heat. I feel loved.

Anyhow, we visited Austin, and the Tower of America, and Fredricksburg (a tiny little German town) and ate at a number of great restaurants and watched a ton of Supernatural and saw Iron Man twice and lost about a dozen room keys. And I was so happy to get to spend so much time with my Skyblue, and I wish she’d come back. :(

We also talked a lot about Supernatural Wincest, and came up with a backstory for Sam and Dean. I’m not sure if I’ll write any fics for it or not, but I will at least draw up some Iron Man fan art. You see, I’ve become an Iron Man addict (and I have a HUGE crush on RDJ), and will probably be keeping everyone up to date on the comics that I’ll be getting soon. So prepare to be annoyed.

Anyway, I had a great, great time. Come back to me, Skyblue!


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