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Okay, so seeing Iron Man One has to be one of my all time favorite movie going experiences. The kind of thing that someone remembers fondly outside of the quality of the movie. Skyblue_reverie was in town that day, and we drove up to Austin, and saw it at the Alamo City Draft House, after waiting for two hour in a bar across the street. She tried to teach me to play gin, I sort of followed the game, and then we went in and got to see an episode of the cheesy, terribly animated, horribly racist Iron Man cartoon from the 60s. Good times. And, of course, the movie was awesome, and made me fall in love with RDJ forever.

There was pretty much no way that tonight was going to match that level of perfection.

But it tried. Lord, it did try. And it was so shiny.

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First off, here’s a little picture of Tony and Steve in the morning – man, I LOVE drawing bedhead!

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So, yesterday I was called up by a babysitting charge (the only one left over from my teenage babysitting days) and asked if I could take her two girls to the movies – Ratatouille or Nancy Drew. “Sure,” says I. So at two o’clock, I go to pick up the girls.

Only they’ve changed their minds. They want to see Evan Almighty.

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