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Yeah, that new car I was posting about just a couple weeks ago? Someone rear ended me in Austin. *cries* Me and River's_bend (who is here now) were both fine, but my trunk wont close anymore, and OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE I HURT MY NEW BABY! *sobs, hugs car*
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EEEEeeeeee! It’s mine! I just got home with my new 2010 Honda Accord, and I LOVE it! It’s got tan interior, and it drives very nice, and it’s all mine!

So, should I go the extra geek mile and name it? Any suggestions?
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For those who don't celebrate this particular holiday, that's okay, because today is a double special occation:


I don't know where that last picture came from, but bless photoshop artists everywhere.
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So, I've decided to make an effort to do a bit more posting, both at my own journal, and on the journals of my friends. I'm in a place lately where I'm not really sure how I'm doing, but I am sure that it's not especially good. And, of course, when I get that way, the first thing I do is withdraw from everyone. So I'm making myself go the way of catharsis through posting instead. It just feels healthier.

How is everyone else doing?

Anyway, I hate to just post without showing off something fanish, so I've got a couple of drawings.

Iron Man and Basil found under the cut...but not in the same pic. That would be weird. )
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Hi all.

Life has been everywhere and then some lately. For starters, I got a job as an RN in a telemetry unit. I've been oriented every which way, and I'll start floor work on Wednesday. As this is my first grown up job, I am reasonably freaked out.

As a result, I've been asleep on my feet half the time, and moodly avoiding people the other half. So, yeah, haven't been too active on lj. Sry. :(

childhood wrecking artwork )
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Hi there.

I've been home for a grand total of 3 days. I'm soooo ready to go back to California!!! *Whimpers*

cut for image and job related whining )
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Hi all, and a belated happy new year. You can understand my distraction, as I spent New Year’s Eve flying in to see my BFF [ profile] skyblue_reverie, who is wonderful enough to put up with me for ten days! I’ve also gotten to see [ profile] rivers_bend, and hopefully will see her again before I go.
While here, I:

-Saw “Sherlock Holmes” with Skyblue and River. I’m trying to think of a way to make it a side fandom without interfering with my current Jim/Bones love. *pushpins it into the corner of fan bulletin board in my mind.*
-Went to Berkeley, picked up a very cute messenger bag, and came back 13% more liberal.
-Saw “Avatar” with Skyblue and her husband, who is also wonderful enough to put up with me for ten days. It was my second viewing, and while the visuals remained stunning, the story got weaker on second viewing.
-Discovered the dizzying world of “Portal”, and that the cake is a lie.
-Went to visit Skyblue’s friends for a New Year’s/birthday party. They were all very sweet.
-Did a little writing. No, I’m not posting it yet *answers as if the world is pleading for my fic*
-Probably forgetting something.

I’m having a fabulous time, and the best part is that I get to do everything with Skyblue! *Hugs her*
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I'm not posting from my computer today. You see, in an attempt to protect my computer from viruses and such, I got some free antivirus from my school. Now 'free' and 'software' are dangerous words if you don't know who you're dealing with, but it's my school! A reputible college. Surely it would be fine. Nope. I popped that disk in and promptly froze my computer. Now it's in the shop, just thirty days after I got it back. Sigh.

That was Friday. Saterday held another lovely surprise. I woke up, got dressed, and got ready to run to the grocery store, only to discover that someone had smashed my car window in the night before. They stole nothing of value (I hope they enjoy the half-used makeup in my cheep purse), but I can't really drive around with smashed out window, and the insurance guys aren't going to be able to help me out until Monday. I've got clinicals all day Monday, so no car until Tuesday.

I'm a little afraid to get out of bed this morning.
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Yeah, I know, I haven’t been around much lately. Sorry. I’m trying to deal with the third semester of nursing school (crazy busy) and I haven’t had nearly the internet time I’d like. Also, my creativity well has kinda dried up. :P

As for school, I watched a woman give birth yesterday – my first delivery experience, her fourth. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on her face when they took that new baby and placed him right on her chest, and she said dreamily, “Oh, he’s here! Hello little boy.” Now I feel all sappy.

I’m also never going to forget the delivery of the placenta. I swear, it was an Eli Roth movie coming out of that woman’s vag. I expected some blood, but holy crap! To be fair, she told me that she always bleeds a lot.

I could see myself in Labor/Delivery. Lots of happy endings.


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