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First off, yay my computer is okay! It wasn't even very expensive! Hurray!

Second, I've got a couple of drawings. One for Jeeves and Wooster, one for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

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I drew this for [ profile] skyblue_reverie. She has the original, before I messed it up in photoshop (I'm a novice). Enjoy.

Click to make bigger.
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Title: Bertie Gets a Clue
Fandom/Pairing: Jeeves and Wooster, J/W
Word Count: 5,395
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bertie awakens on Christmas morning and finds himself short one valet.
A/N: Written for Yuletide Exchange. As always, enormous thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] skyblue_reverie, who knows Bertie and Jeeves forwards and backwards. I consider myself quite lucky to be allowed her insight into these characters.

Bertie_Gets_a_Clue )
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Title: Bertie Gets His Way
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster
Summary: Just a bit of Halloween Fluff
Rated: PG
Word Count: 692
Notes: Posted for Kaerokegal’s “Come as you’re not” Halloween party.

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Hello everyone. So, in honor of Halloween, skyblue reverie has written the most horrifying Jeeves and Wooster bad!fic to ever grace the fandom. And, being me, I felt it was my duty to MST this monstrosity. Run in terror from Jeeves in a heterosexual relationship, Bertie performing rituals of self masochism, Aunt Agatha acting on her lust for Bertie, and, worst of all, SKWYE! If Satan wrote a Mary Sue, it would be a little like Skwye, I think.

The original story, sans MST, can be found here. Much thanks to Skyblue, btw, for helping me with the voices. So, without further ado…

Jeeves_experiments_with_his_sexuality._Bertie_experiments_with_a_razor. )


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