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Lord, I must be insane.

So, I'm on a big drawing kick at the moment - every time I sit down, it seems like I have to be sketching something. Thing is, I'm kinda dried up on ideas. Completely. Basically, I've taken to freezing DVDs and drawing whatever's on the screen. Which is fun, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to do something with a little more creativity/personality/challenge to it.

I can't promise great art (pretty much the opposite), but if you leave me an idea in the comments, I'll do my best to fill it. Just, don't go crazy. I'll draw a sketch of Dean, or Harry, or Bones, or whatever. I"m not about to draw the entire crew of the Enterprise engaged in a battle with Klingons. But I'll feel bad about turning you down if you ask for it. :)

rules and a couple of samples under the cut )
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So, I've decided to make an effort to do a bit more posting, both at my own journal, and on the journals of my friends. I'm in a place lately where I'm not really sure how I'm doing, but I am sure that it's not especially good. And, of course, when I get that way, the first thing I do is withdraw from everyone. So I'm making myself go the way of catharsis through posting instead. It just feels healthier.

How is everyone else doing?

Anyway, I hate to just post without showing off something fanish, so I've got a couple of drawings.

Iron Man and Basil found under the cut...but not in the same pic. That would be weird. )
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Hi all.

Life has been everywhere and then some lately. For starters, I got a job as an RN in a telemetry unit. I've been oriented every which way, and I'll start floor work on Wednesday. As this is my first grown up job, I am reasonably freaked out.

As a result, I've been asleep on my feet half the time, and moodly avoiding people the other half. So, yeah, haven't been too active on lj. Sry. :(

childhood wrecking artwork )
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Title: And Tango Makes Three
Author:[ profile] ennui_blue_lite
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Word Count: 1060
Rating: PG-13 (Art rated G)
Summary: Jim owes Bones bail, cab fare, and eternal servitude. The universe owes Jim a penguin. Jim/Bones pre-slash/UTS.
A/N: Good Lord it took me a long time to post this. Anyway, as always, all credit and praise to my overlord and beta [ profile] skyblue_reverie, without whom none of this would be possible. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the sketch at the bottom!

I was causing a disturbance in the childrensh section )
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Hi all.
So, it’s been about a year since I’ve posted any artwork, so I’m here to rectify that. Granted, it hasn’t been a very artistically fruitful year for me, but I’ve got a few sketches I wanted to share. All line art - I've basically given up on coloring.

Star Trek, SPN, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and original work>  )
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Hi people. Okay, so technically Halloween is tomorrow, but hey, I’m impatient! Oh, and sorry I haven’t been around much lately. School is kicking my butt.

Anyhow, on to the artwork.

Barely obscured nudity and kinky costumes behind the cut )
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First off, here’s a little picture of Tony and Steve in the morning – man, I LOVE drawing bedhead!

Pic and Pointless Movie Rambling Under Cut )
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Hullo. I was looking through my computer and found a drawing, over a year old, that I had almost finished coloring with photoshop. I was going to finish it and post it, 'cause I liked it, but I got bored. So here it is Very nearly finished.

A little bird told me )
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Got some more art for everyone! This time, it’s two Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one Supernatural, one Iron Man/Captain America, and a drawing I did of my nephew a few years back. What makes this post different, however, is that there’s actually some GOOD art under the cut. Not 100% good, but better than sketches I usually post. I’m actually proud of these.


Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I don't make money off them. Just having some fun.

You want to look. You know you do. )
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Hi! Back with some artwork, although I use the term loosely. Anyhow, after my last round of drawings, I decided that a)I suck and therefore b)I need more practice. So, I sketched head shots of Sam and Dean Winchester, until I got decent at it. Then I sketched some pictures of RDJ, and kept ending up with images of Alec Baldwin for some reason.

ETA: I spent way too much of my day going through [ profile] river_bends old Supernatural fics. Lord, I think I'm addicted.

check it out, there's at least one really good pic of Dean, I swear! )
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Got another bunch of drawings here – once again, nothing especially good, but I decided to post them anyway – two Tony/Steve drawings, two Kiss Kiss Bang Bang drawings, and a Supernatural drawing. Hope you like!

Multi-fandom artwork )
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Got some sketches here – nothing fancy, just a few drawings from Iron Man (movie and comic verse) plus a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang sketch. Enjoy!

Bad artwork is bad )
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So, as you may or may not know, I’ve become something of a big Iron Man fan, and by extension, a big Robert Downey Jr fan. So, of course, I’ve been rejecting piles of homework in favor of renting up his films.

you want to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It has the manlove (spoilers avoided). )
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Okay, Tony/Rhodey is my true Iron Man slash love, but I saw a great pic of Captain America, and I just couldn't resist. Even though I know almost nothing about Steve Rogers.

Kissy-kissy! )
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Art time! I promised Iron Man art, so damn it, I'm gonna deliver. Nothing slashy this time, just a practice sketch and a more detailed pencil drawing that took way longer than it should have.

Follow me to Tony Stark pics! )
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I colored Xander and Andrew:

Photoshop is fun.
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Have I become obsessed? Yes, I think I have. Anyway, I have finally managed to draw a convincing kiss (at least I think it's convincing) and I'm so HAPPY about it! *bounces*.

Nerd kisses! )
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So, this is my very first digital painting - drawn by hand, colored in photoshop - and I'm actually quite proud of it. Xander and Andrew go out after their first big snow at the England Watcher's compound. This was a TON of fun, mostly because I've never gotten to play out in snow (living in South Texas), so I got to use my imagination. These two are so goofy together, I'll bet they actually would go out and have a snowball fight. It felt very in character as I drew it.

I'm also very proud that I thought to put Andrew in a Harry Potter scarf. I'll bet he made it himself.

I think of this as slash, but there's no reason you can't think of it as a friendship picture, if you prefer.

First Snow Fall )
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I should never have introduced my older sister to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Oh, it's fun to have someone around who likes to watch the show with me, but there's a downside. You see, my sister likes bad movies. A lot.

The cast of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" have starred in bad movies. Also a lot.

Long story short, I ended up watching "Unholy" the other day.

Bad movie. No buscit. )

Speaking of Xander, I've got a new slash picture. This one's a pencil drawing of him and Andrew, about to kiss. If you don't like that, then don't look.

Geek Love )


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