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Hi all.
So, it’s been about a year since I’ve posted any artwork, so I’m here to rectify that. Granted, it hasn’t been a very artistically fruitful year for me, but I’ve got a few sketches I wanted to share. All line art - I've basically given up on coloring.

The absolutely horrible job I did on Spock here is saved by the Bones' expression, IMO. As for the nose bandage ... yeah, I messed up and was working in ink. :P Let's say he got it rescuing Jim.


So, on the show, budget and effects constraints obviously limited the types of aliens the crew of the Enterprise could meet (humaniods and pizza rocks, basically). I wanted them to meet some tiny little guys (who, sadly, look like cute rejects from the movie "9"). Also, I love drawing TOS Bones.

"Sam in Makeshift Rehab"

Drawn from a screencap of...the episode where Sam is withdrawling at the end of season four. I've forgotten the title, sadly. Anyway, I honestly can't remember if that bucket under his bed was actually in the shot, or if I added it because I was concerned that he wouldn't have a place to throw up. Clearly I'm very invested in the wellbeing of my sketches.

"Harry, Don't Eat at My Desk!"

This is actually a pic from a RDJ photoshoot. I shoved him in a hoodie, changed his hair, and called him Harry. :) Originally came accompanied with text: "Harry! What the fuck did you do to my desk! Don't eat there ... and quit with the "I'm so cute" face!"


I think this is the only drawing done in pencil, not ink. Anyway, I'm obviously addicted to drawing Harry Lockhart - and I love the idea of him falling asleep in random places, like a five year old.

"Homework Makes my Backpack Sick!"

Sorry about this one. :) Drawn for my nephew - as you can see, the scanner cut the text on this one as well.

Bear Hug (send help!)

There was some article years ago about a polar bear in Canada who would visit a huskey at the same time every day and play with him. Now the photos were adorable, but I don't care how cute it was, that dog must have been terrified.

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