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I have sequel fic! Aren't you excited?

Title: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Author: [ profile] ennui_blue_lite
Fandom: AOS
Summary: Bones and Jim go shopping for toys. Jim has no idea what he wants. Bones’ solution is … creative. Sequel to Blue.
Rating: M for naughty talk and sex toys
Word Count: 1,587
A/N: Did you know it is physically impossible for me to write porn unless I’m in public? It’s true.
Much love to my beta [ profile] skyblue_reverie, who inspired me, loved me, and wrote all of the hard parts for me.

Reading “Blue” first is helpful, but not necessary.

“Whoa, what’s this for?”

Jim picked up a leather harness contraption studded with rivets, spikes, chains, and half a dozen rubbery protrusions. Bones winced. “I’m pretty sure that’s not intended for humanoid usage, Jim.”

Jim placed the heavy item back on the shelf. It clanked. “This store is really poorly organized. I mean, how am I supposed to know what’s human compatible?” Behind the counter, the shopkeeper shot Jim an irritated look. Bones pretended not to notice her.

“Well, here’s a handy rule, Jim. If it looks like it might rip off your genitals, it’s probably not for you.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “You’re need to learn to think outside the box, Bones. Ooh! Look at this.”

Bones closed his eyes and attempted to summon patience. Jim in a sex shop was like a kid in – no, wait, that wasn’t the simile that Bones wanted at all. He was more like a phaser shot in a house of mirrors: bouncing from one corner of the store to the other before Bones could so much as goggle at whatever bizarre contraption had drawn Jim’s eye.

Which, this time, involved cuffs, a wooden post, a device that looked like a giant disembodied latex tongue, and –

“Jim, you are not sticking that anywhere near my ass. Put it back.”

Jim pouted, actually pouted. “Why not?”

“Because, my idea of a good time doesn’t include a lengthy anal surgery at the end. Put it back.”

“You’ve got no spirit of adventure, you know that? Besides, check this out.” Jim flipped a switch on the latex tongue. With a mechanical whir, it began to rotate. Bones suppressed a shudder – he had a feeling that what he’d just seen would be chasing him through a month’s worth of nightmares.

“Jim, look, just – slow down for a minute.” Bones took the offending item from Jim’s hands and placed it on a nearby shelf. “I know some of this stuff is – interesting,” he said, “but maybe we need to narrow our search a little. What, specifically, are you looking for here?”

“Anything, Bones,” Jim said cheerfully. Bones frowned.

“Okay, but…for you? For us?”

“For us,” Jim replied.

“All right. That’s a start. What would you like for us to do?”

“Anything,” Jim repeated. His sure smile faltered, and Bones got it. Jim had no idea what he wanted here, because he had no idea what Bones wanted here. An entire room filled with possibilities, and any one of them could be a checkmark in the column of sexual compatibility or a point in the ‘my god, Jim, what’s wrong with you?’ column. Jim was treating the sex toys like a test, one that he hadn’t studied for and couldn’t afford to fail.

So, naturally, he made a beeline for the most outlandish items in the room the moment he was through the door. How very Jim.

Placing a hand on Jim’s shoulder, he guided him behind a shelf of massage oil and whispered in his ear, “Did you want to go someplace a little more private, so we can talk about this first?”

“Bones,” Jim whispered back, “aren’t we here so we can take this stuff back to someplace a little more private?”

“I’m not trying to take you back to the ship for sex, Jim! I mean – seriously, did you want to go somewhere to talk before we choose?”

“We aren’t here to adopt a puppy, Bones,” Jim whispered. “How much decision-making is really involved?”

“I want to make sure we get something you’ll enjoy.”

Jim grinned at him, that cocky lecherous grin of his that would have fooled anyone who wasn’t Bones. “You know me, I’m up for anything and everything!” As if to emphasize the point, he slapped Bones hard on the shoulder.

Bones tightened his mouth and counted to five. This wasn’t working. “Close your eyes.”

“…Whhhyyyy..?” Jim asked, cocking a wary eyebrow.

“Just close them. Trust me.”

Jim did, and Bones slid an arm around his waist and led him to a nearby shelf. “No peeking,” he added, and Jim closed his eyes again. “Give me your hand.”

“Bones, you’d better not put my hand anywhere –”

“Feel that?” Bones gently extended Jim’s index finger and traced it around the little metal ring. “You know what that is?”

“A cock ring?” Jim said after a moment.

“Exactly. You know what I would do if we bought this?”

“Um…wear it?”

“Nope.” Bones let his lips trail over the tip of Jim’s ear. “I’d slip it around your cock, just as you were starting to get hard for me,” he whispered. “And I’d be the one who decided how long it stayed on…how long you’d have to wait to come. Do you want to try that?”


“Did you want to try it, Jim?”

“Yes,” Jim whispered back. His cheeks had developed a slightly flushed tint.

“Then let’s get it.” Bones curled his hand around Jim’s fingers and squeezed them around the ring.

“Follow me,” he added, taking Jim’s arm and leading him again.

“I feel stupid,” Jim admitted as he blindly slipped his new toy into their shopping bag.

“It’s only you and me here, Jim,” Bones said. He neglected to mention the woman behind the counter who was now watching them with curious interest over the top of her book. “No one but us. Here.” Bones stopped at another shelf and took Jim’s hand again.

This time, Jim laughed. “Do you get off on this, Bones? Making me close my eyes and touch rubber cocks?”

“I get off on thinking about sliding that dildo into your ass,” Bones whispered. He leaned in and let his breath play against Jim’s neck and ear. Jim shivered a little against him. “I think about getting you all slick and ready and running this between your cheeks, against your hole. You’d be begging me for it, so damn hard you could almost come just from that – but you couldn’t, because I’d have my little ring holding you back. Would you like for us to try that, Jim? Tell me.”

The rose-colored blush of Jim’s cheeks had gone a deep red, and Bones stepped in front of him to hide the growing tent in Jim’s pants. “Do you want it, Jim?” he asked, and Jim nodded. Into the bag. “This way.”

“…a belt?” Jim asked, his hands skimming over the thin strap of leather.

“No.” Bones slid Jim’s hands along the display model, letting him feel the soft leather, which ended in a small loop where the strap doubled back on itself. Jim frowned, clearly trying not to give away his confusion.

“Restraints,” Bones said, finally. “Four point restraints.”

“Bondage?” Jim asked. Bones could see that he wasn’t averse to the idea – the slight shift of his posture and his slow, controlled breathing attested to that. But Bones wanted more than ‘not averse to.’ While Jim mulled this over, Bones pulled Jim to him.

“Has anyone ever tied you up before?” he asked, his whisper sounding low and husky. Jim shook his head and forgot about controlled breathing, now that Bones’ hard bulge was pressing against his hip. “No,” Bones confirmed. Jim wouldn't have done that; wouldn't have given up control that way. “But I would love to tie you up. I’d keep you spread out and open to me, and then I would worship your body. Do you understand, Jim? You would be all mine, every part of you, and I would tease you and touch you until you were begging me to fuck you. And then, you know what?”

Jim shook his head again.

“I’d give you everything you needed. God, Jim, if you could see yourself right now.” Bones ran a finger from Jim’s temple, down his jaw line, to his lips. “Did you want to get something for me to tease you with?”

“Want you,” Jim murmured, the words all but lost in his panting breath. “Just you.”

“Just me? Just my fingers teasing you?” Bones traced circles on Jim’s neck. “You want to come so bad right now, don’t you? But not here. It’s like that ring’s already around your cock. This is what it’s going to do to you, make you want to come for me, but you won’t be able to. Not until I say.”

Jim groaned. “Let’s go,” he said, not even bothering to keep quiet. “Back to the ship.”

“Don’t you want a new personal pleasure tube?” Bones asked, and if he was enjoying himself a little too much, then what of it? “I’ll even throw in a new marker.”

“Home,” Jim breathed. “Now.”

Bones told himself, as he paid the cashier, that she was probably used to this. Of course she was. No doubt men walked around her shop flushed and panting and sporting obvious erections all the time. He kept his eyes fixed firmly on the ceiling and tried to ignore Jim’s body heat against his back as the woman handed him back his credit chip and said, “Thank you for shopping Pleasure Playground, have a nice day.”

Bones waited for the inevitable quip from Jim – “Oh, I’m counting on it.” It never came. A glance over his shoulder revealed that Jim was so unfocused and glassy-eyed that he probably wasn’t able to see straight. “We plan on it,” Bones filled in for his sex-comatose boyfriend. “C’mon Jim,” he added, “let’s go finish this so we can get some of that blood back to your brain again.”

“Mmm,” Jim said.

Bones took it as agreement.
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